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Physiotherapy Services

A Personal Approach


Treatment is provided for:

*Neck and Back Pain

*Sports Injuries

*Workplace injuries

*Tendon, muscle and joint pain

*Arthritic conditions

*After fracture immobilisation

*After orthopaedic surgery e.g. rotator cuff repair

Extra Services

*Computer Gait Assessment and Custom Orthtotics

*Off the shelf orthotics

*Crutches and Moon Boots

*Normatec hire / recovery sessions

*Compex recovery sessions

ACL Rehab Services

The clinic offers access to a non-surgical approach to ACL injury run by Dr Tom Cross and the Sydney ACL Research Group. Contact the coinic for details of the program. The clinic also offers post-op care for ACL surgery using The Melbourne Protocol 2.0 

Compensable bodies

 Movement and Performance Health Services is a registered provider for:
* icare (Workers Comp and CTP)

*Department of Veterans Affairs and accepts patients under Medicare Team Care Plans.


About Us

Movement for Life

My goal at Movement and Performance Health Services is to restore your mobility, keep you moving and ensure your rehabilitation is effective, efficient and stress-free. Since the Physiotherapy Clinic was established in 2013, I have strived to offer the highest standards of treatment and patient care. I have a strong emphasis on exercise as a management technique.


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Clinic Hours

M-F: 9am-6pm


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