Greg Pfeiffer

Movement and Performance
Health Services


Physiotherapy is the profession of movement. It is about helping you enjoy life to the maximum by being able to move as well as possible. Over more than 30 years, I have been fortunate enough to work with many people to help them gain, regain or improve their movement. It has involved such a wide variety of circumstances and people:
- stroke patients, head injured patients, amputees, patients with neurological conditions
- patients who have had major trauma and/or major orthopaedic surgery
- sports people from purely social levels to elite level athletes
- helping workers with injury from the workplace return to work and their lifestyle
- people being limited by arthritic pain
- everyday people with sore backs or necks that interferes with their everyday activities​



Health Funds

I accept nearly all major health funds using Healthpoint 

With the Healthpoint system, you can claim your private health fund rebate and just pay the gap! If booking online, you will be given an invoice to claim your rebate.

The clinic also accepts patients under icare (Workers Comp and CTP) and DVA clients.